Recently, I watch SpongeBob on NetFlix. This note is my impression of them written by English for learning.

I watch these movie twice per episode. Firstly I watch in Japanese. Then, changed to English. I usualy add subitles by English for checking the words. I feel stories of SpongeBob is very crasy. But phrases and words which are used in this movie are not difficult (of course, this anime is for kids). But its speed is much higher than my English text book for business (this text book has a much high level, actually). Words used in this anime are not common in business English so I find a lot of new terms which I don't know. Especially, expranation of the actions of characters are written as [something] form. These words are actually not common for me.

For example,

rustling: さらさら音をたてること whistling: ぴーと鳴く clinking: ちりんちりん鳴る slurp: 音をたてながら口に吸いこむ smacking: ぴしゃりと打つこと sigh: 溜息をつく boing: びよーん

are new for me. So, even though animation for kids, I discover new things.

I will write impressions for every episode after I watched.